You’re The Expert – Make Sure People Know That

As a communication coach, one of the biggest obstacles I see many people needing to overcome is knowing what their sphere of influence is.  

Let me explain what it means. Many terms I see flowing around are “multi-passionate” and “entrepreneur” and “mindset coach,” and once I even came across a self-touted “self-motivator.” What exactly does any of that mean? Those are all excellent terms – labels that can have great value. However, the one person who really needs to know what you do is you.

More importantly, you need to be able to tell people exactly what it is you can do and how you can help them.

If you add another layer on top of that, you need to be able to tell people what you do and why someone needs you or your product. 

Label Yourself So People Get You

You must label yourself in a way that people know what you do. I am a speaking coach. I am a writer. I am an educator. Those are all pretty clear cut. If you ask me what I do – you will get a pretty good idea of what type of work I am in and if we might have a way to work together.

If I answer, I’m an entrepreneur; you might not know what I do. If I say, I am a “coach” – that doesn’t mean too much either. Use labels that people will understand. This will give them the upper hand to know how to move forward with you in a conversation. If you work in a field that is a bit unknown – that is ok, too. People will ask questions to clarify, especially if they want to know more about you. 

Don’t Ask People What They Want Help With – Tell Them.

Just like many of you in business, I spent a lot of time networking. We all know that part of the process is meeting new people and working together to help each other grow. But, what I see, more and more, are people asking, “How can I help you?” 

I think, “I have no idea. You tell me how you can help me. I don’t know what you do.” 

If you are touting yourself as an expert, you need to tell your customers what you can do for them. When you walk into a room, even digital space, such as a social media networking platform, you need to know what you bring to the table.

And then you need to bring it. 

Talk Yourself Up! It’s Ok. I promise

When it comes to networking and promoting yourself – you must be able to talk yourself up. One of the best pieces of feedback I ever got was a mentor who said, “Did you know there is a thing that is being TOOOOO humble? That’s you. That’s your problem. You need to tell people why you’re so good, or they’ll think you’re just another pretty smile.”

In general, we are not good at promoting ourselves. We were raised being told to be humble. In my house, it was keeping your head down, doing the work, and doing the job well. I learned to elevate above mediocrity without ever letting anyone know I was the one behind the magic. 

The problem is – if you are not talking yourself up, nobody else is either. In fact, people are probably taking credit for the work that you do.  

Learn How to Create A Confident Voice of Credibility 

The good news is that speaking, and marketing ourselves, is a skill we can all learn. When you are ready to take control of your business and your name, reach out to me. Schedule a free consultation. With a few tips and some planning, you can truly showcase your expertise in a way people will want to support. Click here to book your appointment, call 925-726-9375 or email me with questions at