Services and Programs

The Wordwell Group can give you, and your team, the upper hand when it comes to speaking. All our programs can be modified to elevate your business and help you meet your organizational goals.

The Empowered Speaker

  • Digital Speaker Series
    • This program includes 
      • Digital Identity
      • Becoming a Credible Speaker
      • Creating Your Brand
      • Building Your Message:  Messaging Matters More Than Anything
      • Perception and Show Up As Who You Want To Be
      • Non-Verbal Content MatterS: It is More Than Meets the Eye
      • Using Video Responsibly
      • You are Your Reactions and Responses; Not Your Cute Meme
      • Becoming An Ethical Speaker
  • Core Curriculum
    • This is a program that covers the core pieces of effective presentations. The content explores the speaker’s voice, perception, overcoming anxiety, listening and finally how to build basic informative and persuasive speeches. This program is great for new professionals or professionals beginning a career.  The classes of the core curriculum can be presented a la carte.
  • Presentation Skills and Training
    • This program is focused purely on how to build, and present, effective presentations. The learning model offers personalized focused, skill-based coaching that offers step-by-step best practices for developing and delivering successful presentations. Participants select a topic, learn how to structure the presentation content and deliver each section with feedback. This method of intensive practice on a real topic culminates in a powerful final presentation. 
  • Technical Presentation Skills Training
    • This program is focused on teaching professionals in technical backgrounds develop skills to engage customers, sales teams, and leadership on mediated and face-to-face presentations
  • Sales Presentation Skills Training
    • Sales Presentation Skills Training is a course focused on teaching new and experienced sales professionals the skill sets necessary to be successful in internal and external sales contexts 
  • Networking 
    • New entrepreneurs and young professionals the skills to effectively and competently network to build their professional network. 
  • Leadership Communication
    • This is a high-level consulting program that assesses current leadership communication strategies and recommends practices for different organizational outcomes. 
  • Building A Professional Presence
    • This program talks about how the digital world merges with our professional, and personal, worlds.  Assessment, recommendations, and best practices for building a professional presence online, and in face-to-face, interactions. 
  • Women in Communication
    • Women in Communication content expand communication tendencies women in business tend to adopt and provides insight, and new methods, for improved communication outcomes.  

Content Creation, Editing and Proofreading

The team at the Wordwell Group also can help you create the presence you desire for your business through written content. You can choose from content creation, editing and proofreading.

Youth and Young Adult Programs

The WordWell Group offers a variety of seminars, workshops and speaker series that provide youth populations and young adults the skills, and mindset, to use words for good.  We work with schools, non-profit organizations, and community groups to develop content that will teach teens and young adults how to use words in a powerful and purposeful way.