Meet Dr. Cross

Meet Emily

Emily Cross, PhD is a writing coach, editor, educator and tenured copywriter with well over a decade experience publishing across various platforms. Her superpower is using words to connect people, ideas and products.

Dr. Cross joins her unique expertise in research with a passion for bringing ideas, insight and information to a community of readers


Copywriting services include writing, editing and refining website copy, product materials, marketing materials, SEO driven articles/blogs, email campaign copy, newsletters, product descriptions, etc. Unique copy is written to promote and sell goods, services and elevate branding by sharing the story of the organization. Copy is designed to inform, engage, impact and persuade organization’s uniquely defined audience.

Samples of Website Copy:

Campos Family Vineyards

Aantex Pest Control

Del Sol Energy

Manakish Oven and Grill

My Angel’s, Inc


Blog/Article Creation

For websites to remain relevant, weekly creation and publication of educational, informative, engaging and exciting SEO-grounded articles is necessary. These articles live on the website and are often used to drive traffic from various social media platforms or from email campaigns.

Samples of SEO Grounded Articles:

Sean McCauley

Kids Learn About Solar Energy

The Best Leaders Listen Before They Speak

Winter Pests

NOTE: Due to the nature of SEO Driven content, much of the content I create is hidden behind landing pages. The purpose is to engage an audience during a “Google Search” and then lead the reader to the website. Here are some samples of work that is SEO-grounded, but not accessible from a “Google” Search. I cannot link you directly to the content. My contract agreement with several brands is that that once I submit copy, it becomes property of the contracting agency. Therefore, I do not manage or have accesses to back end website tools that would allow a direct link to the copy and a living weblink.






Dr. Cross offers a variety of editing services, including:

  1. Proofreading only: Proofreading is the correction of surface errors such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 
  2. Proofreading and Editing: Proofreading is correcting surface errors, such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Editing focuses on creating enhanced flow, readability, and structure.  
  3. Paraphrasing and Rewriting: This service will take the content that has been written and rewriting, or paraphrasing, paragraphs, and narrative development in a way that promotes clarity, idea development, and continuity of ideas and main points with fluid transitions.  $95 per hour
  4. Additional Services:  For this project, the addition of Plagiarism Reporting can be included for a nominal fee.
  5. Book Coaching and Writing Assessment: Book coaching and writing assessment allows the author to write and check in with the Wordwell Group for guidance and feedback. This service includes comments, recommendations, and feedback to the author to revisions prior to final editing, proofreading, and/or paraphrasing and rewriting services. 


The Wordwell Group is a RETAINER BASED copywriting and editing service.

Retainers start at $600 a month.

Pricing per hour for copywriting and editing services is $75 an hour.

Basic Proofreading: $55 an hour

**”One-off” projects can be discussed. Rates generally start at $75 an hour.

Dr. Emily Cross has brilliant insight and creativity. She is a great teacher and coach. Dr. Cross is well-versed in public speaking and writing. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their online presence or public speakingskills for their business or personal matters.

Jana Emmons

Working with Emily changed my life. It changed my business. It gave me focus. She was able to help me capture my business in creative and powerful ways. Everyone should work with her.

Myriam Morales, Owner of Him&Her Vintage

Emily was able to highlight the essence of our brand after only a quick conversation. She was able to bring to life the fun and quirky side of our business and highlight our training and experience. She brought CaliCake Moms to life through her copy.

Stephanie Savage, Owner of CaliCake Moms

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