Welcome to the Wordwell Group

The Wordwell Group

One of the first questions I get from people is, “How did you come up with Wordwell?” And the answer is quite simple; my goal is to help people learn how to use words, well. Because most of us speak, and most of us write – we tend to think we do not need any type of training, coaching, or even need to learn about words.

Communication seems to “just happen.” And because we do it so often, we overlook the power and pervasiveness in it. We also tend to ignore the fact communication is a delicate balance between art and science. If we do not study it and do not practice it, we might not be as good as we think.

Written, Spoken and Digital Communication

The Wordwell Group was born from the intention of teaching people to communicate more effectively. My background is in communication, leadership, and education. I have brought the tools of excellent communication to students, entrepreneurs, non-profits, government entities, and small to mid-sized businesses. My purpose now is to bring it to more people. By engaging people through digital workshops, seminars, and coaching programs, I can help more people learn how to harness the power of communication to build their businesses, improve relationships and practice personal growth and self-awareness.

Public Speaking

The Wordwell Group will explore topics of public speaking and the anxiety that tends to accompany it. We will look at conflict, self-talk, relationships, leadership, and then broach the impact our digital world impacts our communication practices.

Together, we will learn how to speak well, write well, and word well. Reach out with comments, questions, or to sign up for a class. Together, we will balance the art and science of words.

Call 925-726-9375 or send me a message to set up your consultation. And remember, every day is a good day to Speak Well, Write Well and Word Well.