An Exploration of Creative Communication

Meet Dr. Cross

Dr. Cross is excited to introduce a powerful creative process that allows you to balance the art and science of words into your business.

Join us on a journey to revitalize your business with a burst of creative Focus

With the deceptively simple tools of creativity, imagination and fun, we will explore lost sides of creativity that will allow you to grow your brand, business and yourself in leaps and bounds. With 1 tool at a time, you will learn how to construct a new and more playful life built on optimism and resilience. You will learn how to create and build your business despite your fears and blocks.

Creativity bleeds throughout all the work we do as leaders, coaches, educators and entreprenuers. However, the more we immerse ourselves in the logistic and the academics, we lose our connection with passion and purpose. This course will invite you to explore creativity so you can revitalize your business with a brilliant creative focus.

What This course will Do

Find creativity – even if we do not see ourselves as ‘creative’

Learn how to trust yourself to emerge as a creative communicator

Unpack the mythology of creative living

Enjoy practical tools that will allow you to emerge and thrive as a creative entreprenuer.

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This 90-Day Course is an investment of a 1 time payment of $295 or a 2-time payment of $164.

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“Logic Will Get Your From A to B, but Imagination Will Take Your Everywhere” – Albert Einstein