About Us

 Our consultancy offers programs and services that help employees deliver compelling, and effective, internal and external presentations.  Our offerings include presentations skills and programs for professionals, individual contributors, salespeople, technical employees, and senior and executive leadership.  In addition to group training, we also offer speech coaching and rehearsal preparation for corporate conferences, events, and keynotes. 

The written word is just as valuable as the spoken word. At the Wordwell Group, our team can help you develop written content to enhance your business. From content creation, editing and proofreading to ghostwriting services, our team can help you create the message you need to promote your business and brand.

Prior to the Wordwell Group, Dr. Cross brought the art and science of speaking and writing to college students. With over a decade experience in the classroom, Dr. Cross has been able to take the skill set of teaching to the small business and corporate community.

We also offer programs for teens and young adults.