Just Do The Work

This week we are talking about how to get started with your digital business and building an d of interested consumers. Regardless of how experienced or new you are to business, the dynamic nature of digital marketing means you are constantly having to learn new ways to promote your business and connect with your clients.

Do The Work

Quite frankly, it can be overwhelming. The numerous social media channels you can engage with, the process of building a website, or even learning how to run effective ad campaigns can paralyze you into inaction. Today we talk about how to break out of the analysis paralysis and get to work.

What is analysis paralysis

The first question you might have is, “Well, what exactly is analysis paralysis?” That is the process of becoming so entrenched in the thinking aspect of your work, you become fearful of actually doing the work. When you are trapped in a cycle of analysis paralysis, you are unable to move forward with your work because you are caught in an increasingly complicated net of overthinking or over analyzing the problem, process or information you are attempting to work with.

Analysis Paralysis Is Destructive

The Trap of overthinking

Some of us have the tendancy to overthink before we jump into action. We like to know the ins, outs and all the ‘arounds’ of a situation before we apply a solution. As a trained researcher, I know I am someone who likes to look at all the possible variables and outcomes before I decide which direction is the best direction to move forward with. My thought process is, “well, if I can see the problem in its entirety before I try and solve it, my success rate will be higher and faster. However, analysis paralysis proves that although that mindset works in setting up studies or in a lab, it is not the most effective way to do business.

Thinking is great – Overthinking Will Slow You Down

You have to show up and do the work

The one way to just STOP the analysis paralysis is to just do the work. What does that really mean? It means, you DO something that you have been thinking about, versus just thinking about it, analyzing it, and wondering which is the best direction to move in.

Just Get Started

Keep in mind, there will be mistakes. There will be problems. You can expect failures. “Doing the work” can be messy business. You have to maintain the mindset that you are “willing to engage.” And willingness means you jump in, even if you are not feeling really prepared. Willing to engage also means engaging fully. This includes preparation, practice and planning.

YOu also need to believe in the work you are doing

Another side of this task is to believe in the work you are doing. If you truly do not believe in the power, the value, or the significance of your work – you might not want to show up for it. If you are not deeply in love with the ideas you are trying to share, the products you are presenting, or the services you are selling, it may be hard for you to show up for yourself and your work. Part of our success lies in the fact we deeply believe in what we are doing and carry faith that the power of our work will make the world, in some regard, a better place.

Trust Yourself

The other way of saying this is that we have to drink our own Kool-Aid. If you don’t believe in yourself of what you are doing, how can you expect someone else to?

Remember, ideas are fleeting

Finally, remember – ideas are fleeting. They come and visit…and will only stay if they are pursued. Perhaps they are like young love. Ideas want to be courted and admired and layered in attention. If they are ignored, pushed to the bottom of the list or forgotten for later – those magical ideas were leave and visit someone else who wants to play with them. If an idea comes to you, make a quick plan and get to work. Do not let analysis paralysis get the best of you and keep your best ideas from coming to live.

Learn More At the worldwell group

If you find yourself stagnant or unsure on how to make decisions to propel your business forward, schedule a consultation with the team the the Wordwell Group. They will work to help you understand your business, goals and set up plans to get you moving. They will even work with you to ensure you are holding yourself accountable and taking action when ideas visit you. To schedule your free consultation, call 925-726-9375 or book online.

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