Work from a Space of Fearlessness and Not Recklessness BuidingYour Brand

One of the biggest mistakes I see with new business owners attempting to build their business and brand online is doing too much.  The fear of not succeeding often triggers a wave of energy where we feel it is imperative to just DO something.  Or we feel like if we are not doing what everyone else is doing, we are going to fail or are doing it wrong. However, as you build your business and your brand online, it is vital you build it from a space of fearlessness and not recklessness. 

What Does It Mean To Be Reckless?

When we act recklessly, we push ourselves through extreme action without putting a lot of thought into the actions themselves.  We have an urge to “do” without thinking about the “Why” or “what results” am I looking for.  

Even more so, as new or growing business owners, we observe what other people are doing.  If we perceive them to being successful, we then believe that we have to do the same thing or we are setting ourselves up for failure.  We think ourselves into this space of panicked energy – where just “moving” and “doing” seems like the right thing.  Yet, as a business owner, “doing” without purpose is reckless and a waste of precious resources. 

How Can I Act Fearlessly?

To act fearlessly means you are putting one foot in front of another and trusting yourself and your work.  You are trusting that the hard, new, and potentially scary work you are doing will be successful.   It fundamentally means you do the work.  The work is setting goals, holding yourself accountable, learning new skills and theories, and putting them out there.

Fearless is when you put yourself in the public eye, trusting that what you provide to your audience is ready for consumption.  Maybe that means your products are packaged, labeled, and ready to be mailed.  Or perhaps it means you are ready to integrate LIVE streaming into your social media presence and you have taken the time to get a microphone, lighting and outlined what you want to talk about.  

Fearlessness does not mean that you are not nervous. Fearless means you have done the work and can face your fears because you are learning to trust yourself and what you provide.  

Stay in your lane

Another vital step you take in working from a place of fearlessness over recklessness is to stay in your lane.  You do not need to do what everyone else is doing.  Stick with your business. Stick with your goals. Stick with your platform, your voice, and your purpose.  Just because you see others on social media doing something does not mean you need to jump on the bandwagon.

Additionally, if you are not seeing success in sales, you do not immediately need to provide more things for people to buy from you.  Often, it is a question on how you are marketing.  Adding another business means more work and not much guarantee of success.  Stick with your goals – and your brand.  If you are not meeting your goals, chances are good you need to reevaluate your marketing structure. 

Be Your Own Expert – And Find One To Work With

We become reckless when we try to do more than we are capable of.  We become reckless when we are not seeing results and we react instead of assessing.  Remember, people, are ultimately going to want to work with you, sign a contract with you or purchases a product from you – they are choosing YOU over anyone else. They trust you to be an expert in your business. Do not confuse them by focusing on things outside of your area of business.

Wordwell Group
Wordwell Group

And when you are struggling, it might be a time to reach out to someone who can help you find your voice and build your brand online.   We all cannot be experts in everything. Reaching out for help in an area where you need to grow is a responsible step of acting fearlessly. To learn how you can show up online and build your brand more effectively, schedule a free Discovery Call or email the team at

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