The Internet Is Exactly What You Make of It

Branding yourself online can be overwhelming.  There are experts, gurus, marketing secrets, virtual assistants, and coaches lurking in almost every corner of the internet, waiting for someone to show up who they can sell themselves to.  And as new business owners, leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs, most often, when we are showing up, we are ready to network and expand our businesses.  The internet has earned a bit of a sloppy reputation for many online businesses.  However, the internet is exactly what you make of it.  Let’s talk about what that means. 

Opportunities Abound On the Internet 

For many people, the knowledge and experience they have on the internet are bound closely to social media and Google searches.  These types of experiences are designed to be simple to navigate.  Information on search engines and social media is designed to be consumed easily.  They are designed to become entrenched in quickly.  They are designed to make you feel successful, easily.  Even more? Information about anything, and everything, is easily accessible. It becomes quite simple to get lost in a sea of information, potentially meaningless, daily.

On the other hand, the Internet offers insight, information, tips, experts, and models for almost anything you could conjure up.  The opportunities to learn, network, and build a business are almost as endless as the information.   But, with the excess access to information comes the responsibility of the information we can access.

Information Can Be Overwhelming 

For those of us interested in pivoting to online businesses, the mindset is “this should be simple.”  We use the Internet daily and are very engaged on various social media platforms.  Yet, it is important we recognize that consuming information on the internet is quite a different process than being the producer of content on the Internet. 

Advancing this ideology, as we pivot from information consumers to information producers, the information we can access online to elevate our business can be overwhelming.  We might not know what we are looking for, or maybe we are not sure exactly how to find what we are looking for.  It is simple to get lost in data.  

Focus On Your Business Goals 

The tried and true way to help you use the internet in the way you need it to work is to focus on your business and your business goals.  Once you begin to look inward, you can start to see where your energies need to be focused.  Getting trapped in someone’s sales funnel, joining a group, and comparing yourself exclusively to the moderator or their business model can be debilitating.  Remember, your business is yours.  You can from what other people are doing – but, you must stick with your goals, your mission, and your skill sets to find success. 

Furthermore, remember – when you are in an online space, you are now showing up as an entrepreneur.  No longer are you just representing yourself, your family,  or sharing your opinions.  You are making the shift from a social media consumer to an information producer.  Begin to remind yourself, as you navigate online spaces, “Is this for me?  Or is this helping my business?”  If you see your searches, rabbit holes, and time is filled up with information, people, memes, and polls that are not feeding into your business – chances are you need to distance yourself from those activities. Remember, the internet is what you make of it.  If you use it for personal use, entertainment or shopping – that is how it will serve you.  If you begin to use it as a space to make money, be someone of influence or power – you must shift you engagement on social media platforms to reflect that. 

Do Your Research 

Once you have accepted the perceptual shift of how you are showing up online from a “consumer” to a “producer” do your research.  

  1. Join groups and see what other people are doing. 
  2. Network online ( have you seen my upcoming Masterclass on Online networking)
  3. Read about social media algorithms.   
  4. Learn about SEO or tools to convert your social media followers into clients (I have a Master class on that, too!)
  5. Experiment. See what feels right for you and your brand.  Try something new.  If it doesn’t work, don’t be disappointed – just try something else.
  6. Ask for help. Not everyone will follow the same path to monetization online. 
  7. Have a plan.  Make goals. And focus on those when you spend time online. Track your time.  Be specific about when you are online for work and when you are online for yourself. The line is grey and shifty…but, until you know what it is, it will be very hard to build a digital business. 

Learn How To Grow Your Brand and Your Online Presence 

Simply put, information on the Internet can be overwhelming.  It can be exciting and stimulating knowing that you can build your dream business from the safety of your home.  Knowing you are familiar with the tools, have access to the tools, and can obtain other necessary resources to build a successful business is empowering.  The flip side is information overload or not knowing where to find the information that can help you launch your brand successfully.  

If you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure about how you are showing up online or how you can change your behaviors so you become a producer of information online and not just a consumer, sign up for a Discovery Call with me.  Join a Master Class.  Or sign up for Small Group Coaching or enroll in my Elite One-on-One Coaching program.  It’s time to show up online, claim your voice and conquer your fear of showing up online. To get started, sign up here. 

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