Three, Two, One – You’re On Camera!

Earlier this week, I promised to provide three simple, yet effective tips, you could immediately implement in any video work you are doing. This short article will briefly review why you should use video and then three simple steps you can take today that will make a world of difference in the overall quality, and engagement, of your videos. 

Why Should I Use Video?

We see tons of video when we scroll through social media. As leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs, we often think, “That looks easy enough – maybe I need to get into videos!” Perhaps you are on the other side of the spectrum and immediately say, “Nope – that isn’t for me.”  In fact, both answers are acceptable and incredibly common.

But, when it comes to video and business, we know that 55% of social media users watch videos every day.  Even better?   Social media videos generate up to 1200% more shares than text and image posts combined!  Those are both impressive numbers.  

So why should you use video?  People watch them and share them!  They are incredibly effective marketing tools!  When it comes to live streaming on your social media sites – you can create awesome video content without spending a ton of money. 

Three Simple Steps To Improve the Quality and Engagement of Your Videos 

Don’t get me wrong, there are more than 3 steps to creating compelling video content that converts. However, these three steps are the foundation of building excellent content that people want to watch. 

Focus on one message per Live video

One of the largest problems I see when people go LIVE is they talk too much.  Is that a thing?  YES!  When there is not a clear purpose to the message, people stop watching and keep scrolling.  When you start to record, make sure you are letting your audience who you are and what your purpose is right out of the gate.

If you chat too much, people might get bored or not see the relevance and tune out.  Then, when you are on camera, stick to your message and make sure the major points of your video are clear so people can walk away with some good information and remember why they tuned-in in the first place. 

Look at the camera

Another pitfall I see when people live stream is not actually looking at the camera. I get it – you are beautiful and are awesome to look at.  But, if you are looking at yourself on your phone- you are not looking at the actual camera that is filming you. 

When your audience can tell you are not really speaking to them, it can be distracting and they will tune out.  If you are not sure where your camera is on your phone, make a little note using a post-it before your hit “Go Live” so you know where your eyes should be focusing.   

Only go LIVE where you have a really strong internet connection 

Ideally, you’d like to be hard-wired into the internet.  That isn’t always realistic.  When it is not, make sure you have an excellent internet connection.  Viewers will not watch video that is unclear. Not only does it give many people a headache, but it can also be uncomfortable to watch.  If people cannot see your video clearly, they will opt-out and continue to scroll.  

Live Stream Video Can Be Compelling Video That Converts

Integrating video into your business is a powerful way to introduce your brand, products, and promotions in a fun and effective way.  Taking the time to explore the foundations of great video work will set you on a path for creating more powerful videos.  

If you are ready to take video work to the next level, schedule a Strategy Session with Dr. Cross.  Fore more tips on how to become an Elevated Speaker, join us at Speak Well, Write Well, Word Well for Leaders, Coaches and Entrepreneurs.

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