Because Everyone Wants to Go Live

 More often than not, when people approach me for coaching or training for the business, the common question is, “How can I go Live on Facebook.” Facebook introduced the ability for users to broadcast or live stream to their newsfeed back in 2016. Today, video has become an integral piece of marketing for businesses, and a fun way to stay connected to friends. And the simplicity of going Live, paired with easy-to-use smartphones, has people clamoring to create videos.  

However, going Live means a bit of preparation. Although Facebook likes to motivate people to use the tool to broadcast to highlight events or commemorate celebrations, business owners should be a bit more aware of what a live stream entails. Remember, who you are online will determine if customers want to work with you or whether they will turn their heads in the other direction. 

To improve your presence online, here are a few simple tips you should take to before hitting that “Go Live” button on your phone.

Have a Plan

You probably do not want to burden yourself with memorizing a script (we will talk more about scripting video work later), but you must have a plan when you go live. Although many people use the platform as a personal video-journal, you need to be more purposeful if you want people to watch your video when it comes to business. Know your main points – and stay on track. If you are focused and organized, people will stay tuned and want to hear more! 

Look At The Camera 

Unless you are speaking with someone on your live stream, make sure you are connecting with the camera. If you are looking to the side, over or even under – it makes your viewers feel, well, weird. Make sure you are speaking to your camera as you were talking to a friend. 


When the camera starts to roll, we have two general tendencies. First, we go silent. Or, we begin to speak so quickly, nobody can understand us. The end result in both scenarios is nobody can understand what we are trying to communicate. And if we are staring at the camera, or racing through our main points, we are probably not breathing. At the end of your message, you should be able to think, “Hmm…I did it!” and not, “Wait, what did I just say?” Remember to breathe. Take a deep breath before you hit “Live” and focus on what your message is.  

Watch Your Fillers

What are fillers? Those are the phrases we use, often without realizing it, to fill space between thoughts. We may say, “Uhmm” or “you know” or “and” and “stuff like that.” In casual conversation, none of those tendencies are too distracting. But, on video, they turn into distractions. Instead of listening to you, your listeners begin to focus on your fillers and lose track of your main points.   


Smile! Act like you want to be there! When someone looks friendly and approachable, we are more likely to listen to them and more likely to want to listen to what they have to say. A smile is a sign of welcoming a listener, being approachable, and creating a human connection. You do want to take into consideration the mood of what you are attempting to film. However, more cases than not, a smile is an open invitation for your listens to stop, watch, and engage. 

How to Schedule With the Wordwell Group

With many businesses dedicating more time and more focus on online platforms, taking the time to learn the art of speaking is imperative. Reach out to schedule your free consultation and learn what programs, workshops and seminars you can enroll in so you can speak with confidence. Email us at or call us at 925-726-9375 

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