I Already Know How To Talk – Why Do I Need You?

Imagine the first day of school and a classroom full of undergraduates upset they have to take a public speaking class to graduate. The most common complaint is, “I already know how to talk. Why am I here?

In fact, most communication courses I have taught over the last 15 years have been met with similar emotion. We think that studying communication is a waste of time because we communicate all day – every day.

And that is where the discipline of communication jumps in. Communication is more than just talking. And it is more than just writing. It is all about how we can create mutual understanding, or creating a shared message between two or more people.

What does that mean?

First, in the U.S., we think that talking is very important. And don’t get me wrong. It is. But, communication is more than talking. It is talking to someone in a way they understand your intended message.

How many times have you been in a conversation with someone, and what you said is not well-received, especially when it was meant to be! Maybe it happened at work, or talking with a friend at a Happy Hour. Maybe it is in an email or on social media. But, my guess is there are many times in your life when you said something that didn’t quite get the results you wanted. Regardless of who or when or where, there is a good chance it turned into a ‘big deal.’ Perhaps it is a fight, missed deadlines, or hurt feelings. The end result was negative and exactly not what you intended.

The simple interpretation of this is miscommunication. However, the more we understand how communication works, the less frequent, and potentially less devastating these interactions can be.

At the Wordwell Group, we work with individuals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and team to help create more effective communication strategies. This will lead to less conflict, happier people, and more productive businesses.

Reach out to us to schedule your consultation. Contact us on line or call 925-726-9375 and lead how we can help you learn how to Word Well.

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